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Standard UPVC Hatch

Standard, UPVC, insulated loft hatch.

The standard UPVC loft hatch is perfect for most new builds and houses with a truss roof at 600 mm centres. Hence the reason for this to be called a standard hatch, as the hatch itself is 560 mm x 760 mm. 

This hatch is perfect for our concertina, telescopic and 3 section aluminium ladder.  

With 100 mm of insulation and the draft proof seal around the hatch it complies with Part L of the building regulations. 

Bespoke Hatch

Bespoke, insulated loft hatch.

The bespoke hatch is perfect for existing hatch openings that are larger than the standard 560 mm x 760 mm opening. Hatch sizes are available to 900 mm x 900 mm however larger sizes can be made upon request. 

The hatches are made to measure and made from steel with a metal locking system.

The hatches are finished with a powder coating and therefore do not require decoration on the hatch themselves. 

The hatch is fully insulated with 50 mm mineral wool and enclosed with a silver foil to give it a smart and modern look. 

This hatch is perfect for the concertina, telescopic and 3 section aluminium ladder.

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