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Loft Boarding

Having loft boarding is not mandatory, however, there is a lot of wasted space in your loft.

Installing loft boarding creates more surface area for you to store your items safely whilst also being able to walk on them safely too. This creates more space in your home for storage.

As we raise the boarding using 3, 4 or 6 inch timbers we are normally able to accommodate upstands, pipes, electrics and insulation giving you a level platform with no trip hazards.

We preliminary use 18 mm tongue and groove chipboard flooring, however, in garages we would normally use  P5 moisture resistant boarding.

If you would like your loft to be boarded contact us now for a free quotation.

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Track System

The Track System is the only BBA-Approved loft flooring system.

This system is great as it provides extra storage that won’t invalidate a NHBC new build house warranty. 

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