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Wooden Balustrade

wooden Balustrade on a storage platform

Wooden balustrades are mainly designed for wooden loft ladders and provide a safety aspect in your loft around the hatch opening. 

As they are wooden they can be designed to work with the area you have available, so will work with our other range of loft ladders. 

Metal Balustrade

Metal Balustrade around the loft hatch opening.

The  metal balustrade is extra safety for you in your attic space. 

The  rail does exactly as it says, it surrounds the loft opening so it is extra security and safety for you when you are entering and exiting your loft space and also while you are in your loft. 

The balustrade can fit most loft openings - The width is adjustable ranging from 500mm to 750mm 

Metal Grab Rail

Loft Hand Rail

The metal grab rail is a simple yet very effective rail that gives support when entering and exiting the loft. 

It is made from 22 mm tubular steel and it is especially effective when carrying items. 

Storage Platforms

Storage Platform

Storage platforms are a fantastic way to utilise the space of which would otherwise be unusable for example above stairs, in order to give you more storage space within your home. 

Garage Lofts

Garage Lofts

Garage lofts much like storage platforms are a great way to utilise the unusable space you may have in your garage, creating more storage space for you. 


Loft shelving

Shelving is a great way to use the wasted space in between the trusses in your loft. We are able to build the shelves in between them, created an easy to use and safe storage area in your loft. 


Loft LED Lighting


The loft light is a light that runs off of three D cell batteries. 

As they are LED they will last between 3 - 5 years on one single set of batteries with occasional use.

They will comfortably light a 50 to 75 foot area. 

Spot Light Covers

Loft Spotlight Covers


Spot light covers provide a protective barrier between the light casing and the insulation within your loft.

They are very simple to install and prevent a fire risk. 


Loft Insulation


Building regulations state that every house should have a recommended insulation depth of 270 mm. This normally consists of 1 layer of 100 mm and another layer of 170 mm, running in the opposite direction. Compression of the insulation will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.

Complying to the regulations will help give you a higher rating on energy performance. 

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