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Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders are the perfect solution for lofts with limited access.

The ladder requires a hatch opening space of 510 x 600 mm, this works well with our standard UPVC hatch and our custom made to measure hatch.

The ladder itself sits above the hatch and requires no horizontal clearance in your loft space.  

The telescopic loft ladder is available in two sizes, one at 2.6 m and the other at 2.9 m. 

A handrail is not provided with this ladder to the folding operation.  

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Customer Review

"Great reliable family business. Had a bigger loft hatch fitted with a ladder over a tricky small space over a bath! Great advice from Mark on the initial visit and then the installation was carried out by David and Jason. So professional and polite. I was expecting to have to fill in the plaster around the new hatch but they did everything! So tidy in their work, dust mats used and a very thorough hoovering. Place was spotless and it’s as though the new loft hatch was always there. Outcome is we have a far more accessible loft with a reliable ladder coming down from the hatch. Great work - thank you! Thoroughly recommend."

How to use a Telescopic Loft Ladder